Gorilla Santa – Merry Christmas

Hello, this is throughthelines.jl 

I completed this Christmas drawing a few days ago, and now I have just decided to post this! 

I love animas and like the way I modify what I view the world as beautifully beautiful. Obviously gorilla is not kind to people. They don’t wear Santa costume by themselves. They are innocent yes, but they are just gorillas. 

Photography is great as you gain vivid knowledge about animal’s habitat, physical appearance, traits, facial expressions, and physical abilities by looking at one. However, I like the gorilla in my drawing as it looks so friendly and peaceful. Maybe this is a kind of status what I really desire.. a kind of utopia. Seeing the unseen. My illustration is a captured moment of stories that you will never see and experience in the real world. 
Respect the people who support the world’s most endangered animals. I am very thankful to you who visibly and invisibly support and encourage me to keep on with my drawings. 

Merry Christmas to you all!
You can share or personally use my drawings and illustrations under the condition of specifying the author throughthelines.jl . 

Any commercial/illegal use of my drawings and illustrations is strictly prohibited. 


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