Vaquita – The World’s most rare marine mammal

Hi, this is me.

Sorry for the long absent, I was hardly making a balance between my work which doesn’t involve this kind of drawings and the illustrations! Oh, I am currently learning how to play tennis. I find it very fun. 

It feels like I am talking to myself, my stories! Funny a bit, but it makes sense as I am writing a diary with pretty illustrations about endangered animals.  Today I am going to introduce vaquita!  

Vaquita is a kind of dolphins, (please let me know if not). It has black doughnuts shape around its eyes 🙂 very cute! 

It is so sad to know this cute creature is one step before extinction. It is the world’s most rare marine mammals, but they keep being caught by illegal fisheries. 

According to WWF, vaquita are often caught and drowned in gillnets used by illegal fishing operations in marine protected areas within Mexico’s Gulf of California. 

Seriously, more than half of the population has been lost in the last three years. 😦 

I think sometimes, human can so easily become the most stupid creatures in the whole world (including the universe)! 
Thank you for enjoying my illustration and a story. 
You can share and personally use my artwork only when specifying the author “throughthelinesjl” Any illegal or commercial use without permission is strictly prohibited. 


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